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Property Management

Rental Property

Garfield Jubilee manages and maintains 60 rental properties in Garfield. Our Home Inspection Program insures us of maintaining the quality of our properties. We also offer home maintenance classes to our tenants, as well as the entire community. GJA offers complete property management service, including personal interviews, checking references of prospective tenants as well as doing credit and criminal reports. GJA has a full-time maintenance specialist and we utilize the services of the GJA landscaping company. Our average collection rate is 90% and our occupancy is averaged at 95%.


GJA distributes rental applications to all interested parties, accesses their needs, and reviews their applications, making certain that the information has been filled out properly and scheduling them for an appointment with our property manager is the final step in the process. The rental waiting list is about 43 families.

Sale Property

GJA owns and offers several rehabbed houses for sale. Several families from our Family savings Account Program purchased homes from GJA. Garfield Jubilee’s Housing Department has extensive experience with PHFA guidelines and HUD regulations as well. Two GJA-owned properties on Black Street were featured on the nationally televised Bob Villa’s Restore America, in September of 1999.


GJA in partnership with Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation celebrate 50 new homes to be built to enhance the front-door entrances of Garfield on the following streets:  Kincaid, Broad, N. Millvale, N. Winebiddle, Dearborn, N. Evaline, and N. Pacific. Contact us to learn how you can become the proud owner of one of these beautiful new homes!


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Default Mortgage Counseling

GJA’s Housing Specialist works with and assists clients who are delinquent in their mortgage to obtain special payment arrangements with the lender to avoid foreclosure. Clients also receive budget counseling and referrals to pertinent agencies for financial aide. 

Homebuyer’s Education

GJA provides counseling to first time buyers and some existing homebuyers purchasing a new home after at least three years. The counseling consists of budgeting, homebuyer education and often credit repair and detailed explanation of the importance of paying bills on time. Homebuyer’s Education also covers the three C’s of credit.

Pre-Mortgage Counseling

Covers pre and post financial listing of all income and monthly expenses to provide clients with a true picture of their existing and future financial position that helps determine if the time is right to purchase a house. The counselor reviews recent credit reports and the property sales agreement before a client files the mortgage application with the bank or lender. Counseling points out things clients should consider when looking for a house and the amount that they can afford to pay for a house. It also reviews what the lender expects.


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Reverse Mortgage Counseling

This Counseling provides senior citizens, 62 years of age or older, peace of mind by using equity in their home to pay off delinquent property taxes, water bills, sewage bills, other debts or needed home repair. For seniors to receive the Reverse Mortgage Loan or Line of Credit the home must be free and clear of any mortgage. Seniors have the option of not repaying a Reverse Mortgage loan.

Energy Assistance

GJA takes applications for two energy assistance programs, LIHEAP and $1 Energy Fund. LIHEAP is a component intended to help people with low or fixed incomes pay the costs of heating their residences. The crisis benefit up to $250 is paid to a vendor to resolve a household’s heating emergency. The $1 Energy Fund is a non-profit organization independent of participating utility companies. Applicants must apply for LIHEAP, and Crisis first. If eligible, the maximum grant amount an applicant may receive is $400.


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